"Will you forgive me?"
Those were the eternal words spoken to me
The words that I never knew would send him away
The words that would have set us free

"Will you forgive me?"
He pleaded, a despair in his eyes
I didn't know what to say, conflicted
He was a good boy, a nice boy, he never told lies.

"Will you forgive me?"
I stood there, unsure of what to say
Should I forgive him? Forgive him
For what he did to me three weeks ago today?

"Will you forgive me?"
He persisted, pressuring me with the choice.
I was fuming mad
So I said, in my loudest voice,

"No, I will never forgive you, you hateful boy! I hate you!"

I uttered the words that I now later regret
The words that he never wanted to ever hear
Oh, why did I have to turn him away?
When a simple change of answer could have brought us more near?

"Will you forgive me?"
I wish I'd said the words he wanted me to say
For I will never forget
That fateful day.

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