Redmond Diaries -the fourth year
Multi-chapter by katherine-with-a-k


Fiction K+




Romance, Humour


Anne Shirley, Gilbert Blythe, Christine Stuart, Roy Gardner


Anne of the Island





Word count



Redmond Diaries

Preceded by

Redmond Diaries -the third year

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Redmond Diaries -the fourth year is a multi-chapter fic by katherine-with-a-k, and the sequel to Redmond Diaries -the third year.


Last year ...last chance

Additional informationEdit

Hello dear readers. Are some of you feeling tender right now? I know that I am. Jonathan Crombie had such a rare and vibrant spirit and his loss hurts my heart.

Now we come to the finale. I was so excited about all the love (reciprocated and everything) that I had to write about, forgetting it only really happens at the end of the book. I knew this final part would prove tricky and so have decided not to follow the story chapter for chapter anymore. There will still be ten chapters (actually eleven, as Anne of the Island has forty-one) but as I am in loose-end tying mode I need to be a little looser with the structure. Needless to say Anne's getting published, lilies v violets, news of Gilbert's engagement, Roy's proposal, and the whole typhoid misery will all feature.

I am sad there is only one chapter to play with when Anne and Gilbert finally reunite, so I have decided to treat myself (and you hopefully) and write a short sequel to the Diaries in the form of the love letters those two wrote to each other in Anne of Windy Willows. I hope it will be joy, joy and more joy! But until then what have the other characters been up to...

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